Paintings from the heart

Paintings from the heart

Creative Marketer and acrylic paint artist are among the many hats I wear as a woman. I love life, my faith is the core of my life; I try to live with intention and passion while chasing my dreams. My paintings reflect my heart and emotions, my experiences and the beauty I see around me. I started painting while I was attending art school which then became a hobby and now a mission with a purpose to help children in need. A percentage of my profits go to a children ministry which brings a whole new meaning to paintings.

I'm bold, a free spirit, energetic, romantic, passionate and a dreamer.... I love painting abstract works of art with a mix of media and I fell in love with palette knife technique after years of painting with brushes and more still life, I am in love with seeing my paintings become alive out of the mess of colors, strokes and mediums.

Stick around and discover me through my paintings!

Abstract Boats

Consuming Fire