Weinberg's Art

Weinberg's Art


I am an outsider artist who has taken one drawing/art class at the Evanston Art Center. I am semi-retired from a library and draw as much as possible. I use pens and ink and colored pencils. Buy the art on this website for your house, organization, newspaper, or website.

I have had art shown at: Intuit Gallery(Chicago), DANK Haus Culture Bridge, Geneva(IL) Public Library, Buzz Cafe, Perkolator Coffee, Lincoln Square Art Guild, Packingtown Review(online), Mad In America art(online), Blue Fifth Review(online), State of Illinois Bldg. ADA Art exhibit.

See above for a gallery of drawings.

Some of my art teachers in Chicago have been: Michelle Kogan, Jack Lerman, Sonya and Leonid Osseny, Lisa Carter, and David Gista.

I have had 5 letters published in MAD Magazine from 2010 to 2017(Dec. 2010; Dec., 2011); (April , 2015); (Feb., 2016); (Feb., 2017).

Daniel Staub Weinberg

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