Weinberg's Art

Weinberg's Art


I am an outsider artist who has taken one drawing/art class at the Evanston Art Center. I am semi-retired from a library and draw as much as possible. I use pens and ink and colored pencils. Buy the art on this website for your house, organization, newspaper, book, or special occasion.

Art Show: 941 W. Lawrence Ave.: Chicago, IL 60640...Uptown Arts Center. Spetember 15-December 15, 2017. Call (847)745-9554 for access.
4th Floor Gallery.

Art show=Creature Comforts @ Second Story Art Gallery. 2251 W. Devon Ave., Chicago, IL 60645. Saturdays and Sundays from 3-6pm. December 16th Opening. 6pm to 10pm. Show through January 20, 2018.

Art Table. December 21-22. Renn. Court. Cultural Center. 77 East Randolph. Chicago, IL. 10AM thru 3PM. Many drawings for $1 each.

Comments by artists and poets in Chicago/NYC:
Anything Dan Weinberg does is interesting. That includes his drawings. P.S. I own one of his original xeroxes. -Bill Yarrow-Poet

Dan Weinberg has given us modern day proverbs on a quilt-like background. -Jerry Pendergast-Chicago poet

Daniel Weinberg is an outsider artist and poet, with a distinct style of his own. His work is delicate, transparent and naked; innocent, yet thoughtful. Embedded in Jewish tradition he is totally himself, a struggling peace seeker among his fellow humans. His drawings are weaved in poetry and speak from the heart, no gimmicks or commercial overtones. Everyone should check his website! -Ayala Leyser, Ph.D. - Out of Line Art Gallery

Dan is a visual poet…a word artist. -Lowell “Race Man” Thompson-Artist

I like your [Weinberg’s] art. I like political art. -Dorit Jordan Dotan-Artist

A moving, powerful collection of art that strikes at the core of our own urgency. Dan’s work captures the “outsider” sensibility, so appropriate for a time in which most of us feel like strangers in our own country. -John Pietaro-Dissident Arts Fest organizer

I have had art shown:

Intuit (Chicago) Nov. 2015 - Jan. 2016
Blue Fifth Review (online) 2015
Lincoln Square Art Guild (Chicago) 2016
DANK Haus Culture Bridge (Chicago) Oct. 2016 & Oct. 2017
The Awakenings Foundation (Chicago)(Perm. Coll.) Feb. 2016-
Geneva(IL) Public Library Nov. 2016
Buzz Cafe (Oak Park, IL) Mar. - April 2017
Perkolator Coffee (Chicago, IL) June - July 2017
Packingtown Review(online) Fall 2017
Mad In America art(online) Aug. 2017-
State of Illinois Bldg. ADA Art exhibit (Chicago) July-2017
Glenwood Ave. Arts Fest (Chicago) Aug. 2017
Uptown Arts Center (Chicago) Sept.- Dec., 2017

I have had 5 letters published in MAD Magazine from 2010 to 2017(Dec. 2010; Dec., 2011); (April , 2015); (Feb., 2016); (Feb., 2017).

Daniel Staub Weinberg

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