Weinberg's Art

Weinberg's Art


I am an outsider artist who has taken one drawing/art class at the Evanston Art Center. I am semi-retired from a library and draw as much as possible. I use pens and ink and colored pencils. Buy the art on this website for your house, organization, newspaper, or website.

I have had art shown at: Intuit Gallery(Chicago), DANK Haus Culture Bridge, Geneva(IL) Public Library, Buzz Cafe, Perkolator Coffee, Lincoln Square Art Guild, Packingtown Review(online), Mad In America art(online-soon), Blue Fifth Review(online), State of Illinois Bldg. ADA Art exhibit.

See above for a gallery of drawings.

Some of my art teachers in Chicago have been: Michelle Kogan, Jack Lerman, Sonya and Leonid Osseny, Lisa Carter, and David Gista.

I have had 5 letters published in MAD Magazine from 2010 to 2017(Dec. 2010; Dec., 2011); (April , 2015); (Feb., 2016); (Feb., 2017).

Daniel Staub Weinberg

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