Weinberg's Art

Weinberg's Art


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Group art show

Institut fur Alles Mogliche..I am an immigrant. 2020(with Chico Feinstein)
(Berlin.Germany)-"Three Generations"
Sip Coffee-Crackle-(IN) 2019
Indian Boundary Park-Open House Chicago-"Washington Street Group"-photo
Third Estate Art (Chgo)
Wildrose Brewery (IN)
Sip Coffee(Highland, IN) 2018
Paul Henry's Art Gallery(Hammond, IN)
Oak Park Art League-Postcards(Oak Park,IL)
Wildrose Brewery-LOUD(Griffith, IN)
Uri-Eichen Gallery(Chgo.)
Creature Comforts(Second Story Studios)(Chgo.) 2017
Renaissance Court @ Cultural Ctr. (Chgo.)
Uptown Arts Center (Chgo)
Glenwood Ave. Arts Fest (Chgo.)
State of Illinois Bldg. ADA Art exhibit (Chgo.)
Perkolator Coffee (Chgo.)
DANK Haus Culture Bridge (Chgo.)
Lincoln Square Art Guild (Chgo.) 2016
Miller Beach Arts (Gary, IN) Pop-Up
Awakenings Foundation Gallery (Chgo.)
Intuit Center (Chgo.) 2015-16
Solo art shows:
Gary(IN) Public Library-w/Chico F. 2019-2020--6 pieces.
Geneva(IL) Public Library 2016 & 2019--10 pieces
Buzz Cafe (Oak Park, IL) 2017--23 pieces
Online art & photos:

Bridge Magazine-Dates and Draw-p. 131. (2020)
New Plains Review (2019)
Chronically Lit Mag (Aug 2019--Homeless not Hopeless...)
Sunspot Lit Journal
Terra Preta Review
Alexandria Quarterly
Tiny Seed Lit Journal
Prometheus Dreaming -- "Do baby jails offend you?"
Meat for Tea: the Valley Review-"Honk for Anarchists"
Toe Good Magazine
Inverted Syntax-Art of Postcard #1 "Torture hurts all". (2018)
Cold Mountain Review- Chico Feinstein collabs.
MadinAmerica.com- Editorial/Gall/Artwk-"Leave Schizo Alone"
Batayan Magazine 2016-18
Packingtown Review-(V. 8) 2017
Blue Fifth Review-Winter-(16.1) (interview) 2016
Blue Mesa Review (#31) 2015
I think [you’re] your art is different and interesting, and has potential.-Ionit Behar, Curator-Spertus Institute.

Thanks for sending the cartoons. Enjoyed them. -Noam Chomsky-emeritus professor of linguistics.

I like your art. I like political art.-Dorit Jordan Dotan-artist.

Weinberg straddles the gulf between text and image with great elan, laying bare some of the most pointed political questions of our age with extraordinary grace.-Spencer Paul Hutchinson-artist.

Weinberg is an outsider artist and poet, with a distinct style of his own. His work is delicate, transparent and naked; innocent, yet thoughtful. Embedded in Jewish tradition he is totally himself, a struggling peace seeker among his fellow humans. His drawings are weaved in poetry and speak from the heart, no gimmicks or commercial overtones. -Ayala Leyser, Ph.D.- Out of Line Art Gallery.

I love the way your visual, like your verbal, art comes from such odd angles, look one way and mean another. Outstanding!-Charlie Newman-Chicago/NewArk, NJ poet/musician.

Thank you so much for sharing these incredible images with me!-Ilan Pappe-professor and author.

A moving, powerful collection of art that strikes at the core of our own urgency. Dan’s work captures the “outsider” sensibility, so appropriate for a time in which most of us feel like strangers in our own country.-John Pietaro-Dissident Arts Fest organizer.

Fascinating stuff.-Don Rose, Chicago political consultant.

Dan is a visual poet…a word artist.-Lowell “Race Man” Thompson-artist.

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