WBuck Fine Art

WBuck Fine Art


Art is not my day job, but I enjoy drawing and painting. My interests are portraits, animals, dance, landscapes, beaches, science and science fiction. I am exploring every thing I can with watercolor, pencil or charcoal as the media. Living and working in Baton Rouge Louisiana provides a lot of great natural settings for drawing.

Art enhances your home.
Art enhances your workplace.
Art enhances your life.

I am hopeful my work improves and that people will share this art. Use them in your office, restaurant or home setting. I will add more and more as I keep painting. You are always welcome to email me at wdbuck@icloud.com if you wish to discuss any type of subject in particular or wish to purchase an original painting.

I offer my originals for sale through ArtPal also.

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Watercolors Marine or Beach


Digital Art