I tell people that I started my art career when I was in grade school. I just didn't know it yet. I would draw cartoons, cars, houses, etc and at one time I wanted to be a cartoonist. I won my first award in 1960 when my watercolor won 1st place at the Allegheny County Fair in Pittsburgh PA. Art started to become a serious direction after I spent several years in the U.S.Navy. I went to The Ivy School of Professional Art in Pittsburgh with the intention of becoming a cartoonist. That changed when I had a interview with Hallmark. I was told that everything that I would create would belong to Hallmark even if I created it on my own time. I would not agree to that. After school I worked for Lewis Display which designed and built industrial displays. I was a designer, illustrator and draftsman for Lewis but I could see that this industry was running out of time. It was another designer by the name of Mike Srefanko that made the biggest change in my direction. He became a very good friend and he had extensive knowledge in numerous fine arts and fine crafts. Because of Mike I investigated pottery, welding, stained glass, assemblage, watercolor, acrylics, pastels, and drawing. My new direction was going to be pottery. I even taught community collage pottery classes for several years. Somewhere in this time period I left Lewis and went to work for Joseph Horne Company department store in the display department. After 10 years in display I was asked to help start a Store Planning department because of my background with Lewis. I spent 27 years with Horne's and Lazarus. During this period I started to be more involved in art. I juryed into The Associated Artists of Pittsburgh and The Craftsmen's Guild of Pittsburgh. I was instrumental in opening a arts and crafts Renaissance Center in Mt. Lebanon Pa. In 1970 I stumbled across a mixed media technique that I call Wood Collage. I was also putting allot of time into found object assemblage. My Wood Collage is a self taught technique which I have developed. This was now my main direction. It took years to find out that no one else created my Wood Collage. They are fictitious architectural locations and I have created just about every structure imaginable. I create them because of the nostalgia, love of the architecture , their charm and their character. I have been inspired by many structures throughout the land and I have stored these images within. I feel that I am on a creative journey which will include many wondrous places along the way.

My found object assemblage are created because of the whimsical part of my brain. I was once asked "Where did you get the plans to make this thing:? "Do you have a book to refer to"? In a way artist do have a book of plans but it is between their ears. I can not explain everything I do. I just do it. My assemblages are that way. I see shapes, materials, colors, textures in other ways and I can assemble these into a whimsical image. I sometimes think that God said "Here's some stuff, make something out of it".

I have shown nationality and internationally. I have been on national television and in museums. I have been in festivals, fairs, shows, exhibitions, and galleries across the country. I have won numerous awards. My work is in many corporate and private collections. I am proud to say that I have made many people happy.

I wound be happy to provide my accomplishments bio on request.