Wayne Agnew

Wayne Agnew


The art i create is primarily about imagination and exploration, a brief glimpse of the ideas in my mind. Like many artists and explorers, the unknown is what draws me, to find something new, to create something never before seen in this world. The unreal is my subject, whether it exist in the uncharted reaches of space or some far-flung mythical fantasy realm. The characters I create face inhospitable terrains, unknown obstacles or insurmountable terrors, all following their unique story told through form and color.

Early in my youth, stories of heroes and villains filled my days and heart, and i would take any opportunity to fill my sketchbook with the images they formed in my head. The ease in which time and place slipped away under the scratch of a pencil always pulled me towards rare moments of solitude where i could ply the recesses of my mind for nuggets or glimpses of my imagination. Still to this day, movies, books, and comics inspire and influence my work as much as artist Frazetta, Dali, and Vallejo. Art has allowed me to conceive incredible works of imagination and beauty, and perhaps more importantly, allowed me to share, explain, and expound on my ideas and creations with others.



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