Waven Studio

Waven Studio


Dominika's story with designing started when she was very young. Her mom was her teacher, so she took over her talent and started doing it on her own. She successfully graduated masters on University of Architecture and Design. After couple years working as an interior designer Dominika opened her own business. Waven Studio is a very unique designing office. It's focused on nature and aesthetics. Represents different styles, especially European.

What drives you to design? I have so many ideas, I would like to give people my vision of the world and beauty. When I start It's hard to stop me. It is my passion, it always was. My mom teached me everything.

What’s your prediction for the next big trend in design? I believe that everything is going to simplify. We are returning to nature, organic, natural products are very popular. People are looking for cozy and comfortable places, where they can relax with a nature.

From where do you draw most of your inspiration? Nature is my inspiration. I'm not inventing a new design style I'm just discovering and exploring what is already here, from mother nature. I'm using that as a base, I'm mixing this with newest trends and some contemporary vibes.

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