Watercolor Art Elite

Watercolor Art Elite


Gabriel Alvarez, a known artist, enjoys dabbling in various techniques and mediums. On a neverending journey in the art world as he finds that there is always something new to learn and that he too can teach others. The joy of bringing knowledge and art to the world has become his main source of inspiration.

Autumn Brooke, a writer that enjoys her downtime in the midst of nature, taking solace in the beauty of earth's multitude of colors. Challenged one day to explore blending watercolors she found that it brought peace to the constant running stories in her mind.

Gabriel and Brooke, partners in many ways for nearly a decade and rarely spending more than a day apart, thrive off the energy that they bring to any project they set their sights upon. It was only natural that one day they would share the same canvas, whether working side by side or taking turns in creating their signature layer technique. The surprise came with the many compliments received and the satisfaction they felt on their combined work.

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