Wardululu Alsaffar

Wardululu Alsaffar


As a lover of the arts, I have spent my life pursuing creativity.

Since childhood I have had a keen eye for style, and found personal expression through fashion and self-presentation. Art has had a central role in my life, often acting as my emotional response to difficult circumstances.

For the past six years I have been studying architecture, and over this time have developed a taste for the built environment. In particular I am interested in how architectural design can be used to evoke powerful emotions and encourage healthy social interactions.

My present pursuits involve trying to capture the world through my own lens, hand or eye. I keep a life and travel blog at www.petrickle.blogspot.co.uk, where I share travel stories, thoughts, my photographs and poetry. Life is my biggest source of creative inspiration; I believe that experiences should be shared in order for understanding, and for our relationships and the bigger society to develop and grow.

South Beach, Miami


Brooklyn Bridge, NYC

Visual Venice

Workers Series


Light Interferences