James A. Saint

James A. Saint


Hello My Fellow Hoomans!

My name is James A. Saint I am the artist behind the works of art you will see in my gallery's. I own & operate Saint's Magical And Mystical Wands.
I create wands for the magical folk, wood burned art which you will see in my wood burned art gallery. I also create Memorials for any occasion & I also make walking sticks, chainsaw art & glass etchings.
I am a single father to some amazing kiddos. I have been making art since I was young and have always had a love for art. My favorite type of Art is reflected in the art that I create being abstract in nature. Within my art I also hide more art. In every piece that I create I hide more art from within to bring back the imagination that we sometimes lose as we grow older.
My motto is "Keeping The Imagination Alive"

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and check my art out.

Best Regards
James A. Saint

Hidden Abatract Art

Abstract Art

Wood Burned Art