Art of Walter James Idema

Art of Walter James Idema

My life has been filled with hardships and setbacks. Art has not only been a refuge, but a resource of natural talent as a driving force. Dating back to my earliest recollections, everything I create has a piece of my heart and soul in it. Challenges are greeted with positive hope, and that is reflected by the energy I transfer into art. I am often told this is apparent in my work.

Each piece carries a sense of movement, a state of change and a message of wonder. Subtlety in meaning lends to new interpretations for the viewer at different times. The depth of my inspiration guarantees this. I employ an ever growing range of techniques that lend to cool surprises and special details in every work.

I demand something extra from raw talent, to keep the magic alive. Because life can be difficult, and challenges can be severe, I had managed some success through hard work and dedication. But only to suffer major set back while becoming disabled with no known cure. I am surviving fatal degeneration, plus recovering from the early treatments that only made my condition worse.

I have survived to see the advent of a safe and effective cure! Which is my most current hope, to secure my recovery; after all the years, it had gotten to be almost too late!

I strive on, learning, in need of support, and compelled to do what I am capable of, as long as I am able. It is my endeavor to inspire others with wonder, empathy, and growth; spicing it with interesting humor and sprite-like whims. I hope you find my artistic world both enchanting and inspiring.

Thank you for your kind interest and generous support.
Yours truly, Walter James Idema

A fan has said, β€œTo view Walter's art is to participate in it. He invites you into his fantastical backgrounds, inhabited by phantasmagorical characters, both human and other, and all layered in translucent, vibrant colour that begs you peel it back and have a peek at what lies just beyond. His work is like dreams, or forays into his mind, where he appears to dwell, at least part of the time, in magical kingdoms where the impossible becomes possible.”

"After being orphaned as a child, and contracting HCV through blood transfusion, this artist ate not of the bitter fruit, but rather has used his art form to slay the dragons and enter enchanted lands.
When not busy with his exhaustive daily health regime, he can be found in his studio, brewing up another wizards brew for the canvas, or strolling the streets and meeting locals who inspire his sensibility."

"Walter invites fellow travelers to be a part of his world, both through his work and his generous spirit, which are, he says, one and the same.

Walter works in acrylics, oils, pastels... and is also a poet.”


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