Corinthians Creations & Design

Corinthians Creations & Design

My name is Corinthians I am currently in school studying for my Bachelor of Science in Game Art and Design. I have two boys and two girls and they are my biggest motivation to obtain my degree. I reside in the Midwest and have travelled all over the country. I have always loved gaming and drawing (gaming especially). I love all types of arts from martial arts, dancing, music, sculpture, surrealism, etc. If it is art I love it and probably have vast knowledge of it. I ran a home-based Graphic Design/Music Production business for a couple of years that, unfortunately, was unsuccessful at getting off the ground due to life circumstances. I am always getting hit with curve balls, but I keep moving forward in this life and make the best with what I have.

When my ex-wife left I prayed and asked God "what should I do?" He told me to go back to school. I have been attending school ever since and building my portfolio. I was advised to sell my art by several people in my life and I was reluctant because, my art is a reflection of my feelings and experiences. I did not want to put a price on it, but I have recently been running out of money to attend school. I want to share my emotions, feelings and experiences with the world and I feel that in by doing so it will help me finish my program, build my business back up and fulfill my dream.

Corinthians Walker