Instagram: @art_vuckovic
Nemanja Vuckovic was born on January, 6. 1990 in Surdulica, where he finished his elementary and high school. In 2012 he graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts in Nis, and in 2017 he became a master visual artist in the class of Fehim Huskovic. He is currently finish his PhD year at the Faculty of Technology in the field of color testing.
His works have been published in various magazines, including television and radio. He works in the field of painting, but he is also involved in graphics, mosaic making, as well as interior design.
Most of his work is based on the search for a connection between the energy of nature and human energy at the moment of creation.Inspiration for his paintings he finds in his subconscious. Depending on the mood and current state of mind when creating, the images can show different moods, from tumultuous feelings of joy, happiness and love to sadness. The moves are spontaneous, rational, but also random. He tries to achieve randomness which is in fact hyperrealism.He wants to separate the essential from the most important. The greatest attention is paid to the stability of the composition and the color of the image itself. He runs away from figuration, and if it appears, he skilfully hides it, since he doesn't want to restrict the observer. He wants to give the observer enough space to see for himself what he wants to see and to find the energy that is hidden in it. If he establishes a dialogue between the observer and the image, he knows that he has done a good job. He is also known for his achromatic landscapes and atypical composition. His work is connected with the painters of Fauvism and Expressionism. He is a member of ULUS.

Solo exibitions:
2021 - Belgrade, Serbia, Gallery Heritage House
2019 - Novi Sad, Gallery of the Novi Sad Cultural Center, Youth Tribune, “Inner state of mind - Night picnic ”
2019- Nis, The Hub, club & pub, -“Touch of the mind”
2019- Skopje, Macedonia, KIC Salon Gallery 2, - “6. International Balkan Bridge Exhibition ”
2017 - Nis, Cafe Paris Art Art Gallery - “Infinity”
2017- Nis, Gallery of contemporary fine art Niš, Pavilion in Fortress - “Inner state of mind”
2017- Balchik, Bulgaria, Balchik Gallery - “Ahromacki experience”
2017- Vranje, Gallery of National University Vranje - “ Achromatic Adventure”
2016 - Novi Pazar, International University Gallery - “ Achromatic landscape”
2015 - Surdulica, Gallery of the Cultural Center Surdulica – “ Emotion”
2005 - Surdulica, Gallery of the Cultural Center Surdulica – “ Play”

Group exibitions:
2019 - Vranje, National Museum Gallery, "7th Biennial of Vranje Artists"
2019 - Vienna, United Nations (UN) International Bazaar in Vienna, UN Center
2018 - Leskovac, Serbia, Leskovac Cultural Center Gallery - "May 24th Art Salon"
2018 - Novi Pazar, Serbia, UKC Gallery, University May Art Exhibition 2018.
2017- Vranje,Serbia, Gallery of the National Museum, Biennale of the artist Vranja 2017.
2017- Balchik, Bulgaria, Balchik Art Gallery - "European Horizons"
2017- Leskovac, Serbia, Leskovac Cultural Center Gallery - "May 23 Art Salon"
2017 – Prokuplje, Serbia, Galeria Boža Ilić, The memory of the heroes of the Toplica Uprising
2017 – Sremska Mitrovica, Serbia, Museum of Srem - “Art Salon 30 x 30”
2017 – Blace, Serbia, Cultural Center Drainac, 100 years of Toplicki uprising
2017 – Pančevo,Serbia,Gallery of Contemporary Art Pancevo Cultural Center-“Art Salon30x30”
2017 – Belgrade, Serbia, Art Galeria 92 - “Art Salon 30 x 30”
2016 – Zrenjanin, Serbia, Cultural Centre of Zrenjanin – “Art Salon 30 x 30”
2016- Belgrade, Serbia, Night Gallery Friday – „My universe”
2016 - Leskovac, Serbia, Leskovac Cultural Center - “The October 54 Art Salon”
2016 – Shanghai, Kina
2016 - Peking, Kina - „ BeiJing Art Fair”
2016 - Balchik, Bulgaria, Balchik Art Gallery
2016 - Plav, Montenegro - “ International exibitions ”
2016 - Leskovac, Serbia, Leskovac

A sense of nature

The spectrum of emotions

The inner state of mind