VEThomson Art

VEThomson Art

I love color. Can't have just one!

Influences: Some of my earliest memories are of light streaming through stained glass windows in a German church. As a young artist, I spent a lot of time looking at Chagall. I was drawn to the flat color geometry of Stella in the 80s, to the majestic, shimmering color fields of Rothko, the quietness of Newman, the bold black and white gestures of Kline, and the works of many, many colorists. Later, during Peace Corps service in Russia, I had the chance in Moscow to see art we don't see in the west, and was blown away by the color and emotion of Vrubel's demon paintings. Just wow.

New York: I experienced and responded to the original work I had access to in the many galleries that used to line 57th Street in New York, and in the exhibitions in the early 80s at MOMA, the Guggenheim, the Whitney and the Met: the sculptures of de St Phalle, the contradiction of exactness and whimsy of Klee, the romance of Redon's pastels (a favorite medium of mine for many years), the lush paint and color of Renoir, the patterns, shapes and brilliant colors of Matisse, and the mastery and intricacies of Cezanne's landscapes. It really was an amazing time to be in NY, where on my way to or from the Art Students League, wearing paint stained overalls, I could pop into any number of galleries, stacked one above the other along 57th street, get off an elevator and be standing alone surrounded by Rothko's large, stunning color fields and one shop over see Renoir and Picasso's paintings right there, free to view inside or in the window.

Creative Process: In the moment the paint moves across the painting surface I am responding to dark and light, smoothness and texture, and color, above all, color. In many ways, painting is a moving meditation where, instead of sitting still and focusing on the breath, the focus is the movement of the pigment across its surface and the traces it leaves behind. Then I often find places and fragments of events among the colors, like pieces of dreams about beautiful places remembered but elusive.

Collections: My paintings have been scooped up by collectors the globe including Australia, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, France, Canada, the United Kingdom, Poland, and United States.