Vicente Sargues Photography

Vicente Sargues Photography

45 years ago my father gave me his camera. With that camera he learned photography, along with an encyclopedic of those sold in the 60s. I was 8 years old.
When I started taking pictures with that camera, a new world opened up before my eyes. Through the camera I saw what surrounded me in a different way. The edges of the viewfinder were the limits of that world. There was nothing else.
I liked to photograph everything, but above all, landscapes.
Within those landscapes I began to find details that I had not been able to see before. A certain stone, a small light, a lonely cloud ...
I learned about photography and observation. There came a time when the camera was not needed to see the details. It became easier to observe what was before me. And I came to feel inside me what I saw. I use the hashtag #sentirelpaisaje in social networks (Feel the landscape, in Spanish)
Over the years I was perfecting both the vision and the photographic technique, as well as the way of expressing feelings through my images. At least, that I would like to achieve, so that the rest of the people feel something when observing my landscapes.




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