Viveca Lammers

Viveca Lammers

Art Work, writing, astrology, shamanism. Lives in Sweden.

"I like to combine different techniques so one picture can be made from both photo, handdrawing on paper, painting on paper, wood or canvas and then shot again with the camera or scanned and rearranged into something diffrent with the computer program Gimp. i like to make experiments.
I am autodidact, but I grew up with a mother who had been studying Decorative Art at the Art School (Konstfack) in Stockholm. She was born in Dalarna and I have made many Dalecarlian Paintings in the old style that was dominant among the peasants in that area between 1790 and 1850. I like folkloristic art in general and especially illustrations to mythology."
My illustrated book Talking Stick gives the basic principles for the making and using of this communication tool, also called Speaker´s staff, which we have got from the American Indians. It is written in Swedish.

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