Pop Surrealism by Antonio Vitale

Pop Surrealism by Antonio Vitale


Antonio Vitale was born on the 14th of January 1968, in Barletta where he lived until the age of 30. As son of Art Collector, he had the chance not only to visit constantly Galleries, Personal Exhibits and atelier, but also to meet contemporary artists as Ernesto Treccani, G.F. Gonzaga, Visentin, Renato Guttuso, Schifano and many others around Italy; So he begun to feel interested and attracted by Art in all its shapes and soon he started to frequent arts and restoration workshops. Furthermore he enriched himself with philosophy and psychology readings. From now on, Antonio starts his path to Surrealism.

In the following years, he feels the need of new stimulating prospective rather than Magritte, and he dedicates his time to experiment new techniques such as the Conceptual art and the drip painting. He applies, in fact, these two last styles combining figurative subjects from the early XXI to glamour subjects of the XXII Century.
In the belief of Renaissance Art is still to end, Antonio tries, in early stages of the year 2000, to discover a new style of painting suitable to the present times, regardless of discovering his own Art identity or his own Style.

Many works he made, are part of International prestigious collections, not only public (Milan, Turin, Ravenna, Rome, Trieste, Viareggio, Bari, Barletta, Trani, Città di Castello, Arezzo, Melbourne, Sofia, Prague, Marseilles, Cannes and London).

In 2003, the Artistic Commission of Philately in Milan, chose one of his paintings,representing chivalry scene, to emit a celebrative stamp for the Five Hundredth Anniversary of “La Disfida di Barletta” (The Challange of Barletta - 13 February 1503). After this, he realizes the cover of “I Premi Nobel” book (Nobel Prizes) edited by Croce Rossa, Bari, and the cover of a poetry book (Dr. Carmen Palmiotta).

More info at http://vitaleantonio.wordpress.com/gallery/