Capturing the colors, visions, and stories of this tremendous experience we call life…

James Pendleton is a physician and researcher based in Seattle, with a passion for the study of how cultures incorporate medicinal plants into traditional healing systems.

He’s lucky to be married to his first love -and best friend- Jeanie, and is the father to two incredible kids heading into the teenage years… (and a dog named Mr. Wiggles)

Travel and photography have always been interests and during the early days, James experienced a lot of challenge deciding between becoming a doctor, or a conflict zone photojournalist. He decided to serve in the army as a paramedic, then pursue a degree in microbiology. After that, he attended Bastyr University and became a primary care naturopathic physician -a kind of hybrid doctor that uses the best of both conventional and alternative medicine.

He currently has a family oriented practice in the suburbs of Seattle and teaches college part time. He’s written and co-authored some books and has some hobbies like archery and Aikido.

James has lived and worked throughout the world, usually with family in tow. He enjoys the soul-expansion that occurs with immersing into new cultures, languages, and environments. Whether stalking herbs in Nicaragua or haunting the markets of India and Turkey, he uses his profession as a vehicle to capture the colors, visions, and stories of this tremendous experience and opportunity we call life!