Born and raised in Hyderabad area, Vishal dreamed of attending the Fine Art College, Hyderabad, but instead pursued an Engineering Degree (B.E. Mechanical) at the Osmania University to satisfy his parents insistence on a more practical path to earning a living.

Vishal was born an artist. Drawing was his passion and he practiced daily. Recognition for Vishal's efforts came early. In 1962, at the age of twelve, Indian Govt invited him to paint and present the portrait painting of Sri S. Radhakrishnan, President of India at the public gathering at Nizam College grounds. The President appreciated his art and garlanded him.

In the year 1964, (at the age fourteen) Press Club of Hyderabad invited him to conduct 1st Solo Exhibition of his paintings, inaugurated by then Cultural Minister of A.P. Govt, Sri M.R.Appa Rao.
Vishal’s early paintings were studies in Realism. Later, he concentrated on the painting style of impasto combining Indian painting strokes and Western colors. Vishal refined his paintings to capture the energy and movement in the topic of his personal history and life's rich memories. One outstanding aspect of Vishal’s art is his unique ability to communicate dynamic movement. In order to have lines and strokes contain aesthetic meaning, first he'll use abstract strokes with vivid rhythms to describe the most complicated human feeling and body language. In the details, the lines and planes are very modern looking, with a realistic feeling. Vishal’s ability to capture the essence of his subject matter while allowing the viewer to participate is sublime.

He received in 2009, National Award in the117th All India Annual Art Exhibition, conducted by The Bombay Art Society at Jahangir Art Gallery.
In the years 2008 and in 2009, he received Finalist Awards twice from ARC Salon International, New Jersey, USA.
In the year 2009, he was selected to Signature Membership in ISAP (International Society of Acrylic Painters), CA, USA.


New York