Vicky Gasper

Vicky Gasper

My melancholic personality is the birth place of my core gift. As an introvert, I do enjoy digging deeper over certain matter. As for me, I spend most of the time with nature.
From the mountains, to the woodlands, to the rivers and shorelines.

Witnessing the sunsets, listening to the waves, the exceptional formation of the clouds and the stories behind the innocent and clueless faces, are the things that inspires me as an artist.

Why do I paint?
Painting is a sacred moment for me. Each time I paint I can truly be at peace. thousands of thoughts were being silenced and beautiful sceneries came flashing in. Above all, it will always be an extra-ordinary encounter with the Great Master.

Painting is giving a full life to an empty and lifeless canvas. its my way of immortalizing the view I have captured.

Every piece is an invitation to a wonderful reconnection with nature, and savor the peace it offers.

Coffee Painting