Violeta Endo

Violeta Endo

You can choose Phidias for grandeur, Michelangelo for strength and refinement, Rodin for sensitivity, Giacometti for movement and finesse, Calder for balance, Banksy for irony, Zaha Hadid for courage, Frank Gehry for imagination, Dali for eccentricity, Nam Jun Paik for spirit playful, Anselm Kiefer for poetry or Violeta Endo for exuberance.

I am Violeta Endo, a full time painter who lives and works in Malaga, Spain.

I believe that regardless of the evolution of technology, the socio-political situation and the rotation of the planet, people will always need beauty.

Over 500 unique artworks found their home in private collections and galleries in Italy, The Netherlands, France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, UK, Ireland, Portugal, Switzerland, Luxembourg, USA, Bulgaria, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and Australia.