Kate Viola

Kate Viola


Kate Viola is an award-winning, prolific artist, who specializes in acrylic and oil on wood and graphite on paper. She has been proactively painting and drawing since she was a child. In 2002 she received the Art Portfolio Scholarship Award from Neshaminy High School and she studied painting during her time at Penn State University where she received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology with a minor in Art History. In 2010, Kate graduated from New York University with a Master of Arts degree in Visual Culture. She interned at Christie's Auction House in the Silver and Objects of Vertu Department, where she learned the inter-workings of the fine art world, and discovered her love of collecting art.

Kate primarily exhibits her work in the greater Philadelphia region, including parts of New Jersey but has recently branched out to galleries all over the United States. Additionally, her work can be found in several private collections around the world including Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom. She has an eclectic collection of work ranging from still-lifes, portraits to science fiction and fantasy. Her work has appeared in such publications as The Horror Zine, The Future Fire and The New England Review, in addition to Artis Online, an all female collaborative website featuring artists and writers. Additionally, Kate was awarded first place in the Arch Street Press book cover competition.

​​In her spare time, Kate enjoys camping and hiking, writing, as well as playing ice hockey and studying martial arts.


Kate designs art for both magazines and books. Her work has appeared in:

New Zenith Magazine

The Rag Lit

Wishless, by Sybella Nash

Queen of Angels, by David Castro

Navigating the Boy Scouts, by Christa Noonemaker

Subprimal Poetry Art

Mariella, by Kat Parrish

The Future Fire

Leah Bailey and the Fire Demon by Kate Viola

Leah Bailey and the Earthen Beast by Kate Viola


2017-First Place, Painting-Show Some heArt, Bristol, PA

2016-Arch Street Press Book Cover Award, PA

2014-Second Place, Painting-Middletown Grange Fair, Wrightsown, PA