Vince L. Barnett

Vince L. Barnett

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** This is not really about the money, just setting a name for myself, im just making these available for people and its nice to make a little profit for the time,everything and anything helps**
I've been drawing since I was 6 years old now I'm 21, i am self taught, left handed, tried taking classes but it was too expensive but it's always been a burning passion to show what I see, I currently want to be a tatto artist but drawing and creating free handed work has an amazing feeling at the end, i was set back from joining the marines but i am out now and my goal is to reach out to as much people as possible and either make a living on drawing or save 5000 for the first goal and step in becoming a tattoo artist, or a artist in general, i just want to do something i love and have the support of everyone, between the critics to the buyers. thanks for everything. **updated; no longer am capable of being a tattoo artist due to low demand, still want to be an artist tho, even if you give me pointers, help, anything, i will gladly accept, just trying to make ends meet and i really wish out of all the people that view my work, just someone help or buy or anything, i want this dream to become true unlike how my life had been just like the dream of being a Marine is done, tattooing was just a dream that cant be reached, etc...thank you again tho...**
To describe myself in ine sentence I would say;
"Without my art, without my loved ones, without the people that support me, i wouldnt have nothing to dream about or have set goals in becoming a person that stands above the crowd, my heart wouldnt skip a beat and i would be once again trapped in the darkness that consumed me before, there wont be a light that will guide me but instead just a drifter on the road, finding a new path that will lead to another dead end"

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**set new lower price, hope it helps sales cause out of a 1000 views not one sold**

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Come like and share my page and keep yourself updated with my latest works, offers, send in requests, etc. Feed back is greatly appreciated, thank you. If seeking the original photo used on the outline, if used, it will be available on my page along with a few pictures of my work in progress,

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