Vincent Faudemer is a french contemporary artist from Normandy

After living in Paris, Monaco and Antwerp, he defines himself as a citizen of the world thanks to the cultural enrichment and open-mindedness that he has always shown, while adapting himself to the evolution of a art constantly renewed.

His grandmother passed on the virus of objects through his collection of religious bronze. When he was young, he discovered the work of the material, the molding techniques and quickly understood that his works could be a source of appeasement and communicative pleasure for his contemporaries. Vincent Faudemer has been an entrepreneur and entrepreneur since the age of 21.

He directed six companies including two Start-Up he resold, to start from scratch, to fully live his passion through the materialization of his thoughts through his sculptures.

In recent years, a new wave of contemporary artists has broken codes and released works from museums and galleries. Street-art and graffiti are fully at the origin of this movement that totally shares Vincent.

Private collector since the age of 24 and passionate about discovery, he imagines a sculpture inspired by the character of Babar accompanied by a famous brand wrist watch. This is how he defines, in his own way, the perfect contrast between childhood, carelessness, dreams and the international symbol of absolute success, recognized at a glance.

Independent forever, totally atypical. Vincent Faudemer has always placed project creation first and foremost.

Eternal dissatisfied and passionate about work where he is often seen as a constraint, he excels in brand creation and always offers the best value for lovers of beauty and the original. If you do not like my Work, leave at least with the Watch !!!

Fast, lively and generous, he tries to transmit in the creation of Babolex all his feelings and his Vision of the World. The entrepreneurs and self-made-man will meet immediately in this course which is also theirs.

A few weeks after the appearance of Babolex on social networks, personalities from France, United Kingdom and the United States placed an order.