On the spot landscapes

On the spot landscapes


Vikrant Shitole is based in Mumbai, India.

Vikrant brings a rare sincerity to all his works. A man of few words on most occasions, Vikrant lets his brush and palette do most of the talking. He paints with various styles, mediums and techniques – adopting the best suitable feature to reproduce on paper what he sees in person. However, he does admit that his inherent passion for watercolors is what has led him to gain mastery over the medium.

He visits to historical places all over the country have opened up newer avenues in his mind. Through his watercolor paintings, Vikrant works towards telling the untold stories that these places hold within the recesses of their pillars, monuments and ruins. Vikrant is more at home with historical places n vast expanses of rustic India. Eschewing showing off too much skill he finds peace in simplicity and clarity in landscapes which mirrors his calm personality as well.

As Vikrant says, "Painting is not just making a verbatim copy of what nature spreads out all around. It is the ability to interpret what nature individually communicates with you."