Viktor Deysun

Viktor Deysun

Viktor Deysun is a distinguished Ukrainian abstract painter. Born in 1962 in the city of Kamianets Podilskiy, he graduated from Kyiv State School of Arts named after Taras Shevchenko and afterward from Lviv Academy of Arts.

For Viktor Deysun, painting is the method to share joy. He is always impressed with the nobility of soul, heartiness, and the diversity of creativity, and is not afraid to strike the viewer with it. Each of his paintings is the embodiment of openness, warmth, positivity. All are full of sincerity and positive emotions. As an investigator of small things that make life, the artist himself states, ‘If one wants to show fall or spring, it is not necessary to paint the landscape with forest, river, trees, bushes against the sky with clouds, sun, birds, etc. It suffices to show a couple of leaves and everything will be clear’. The development of observation over the natural elements led to the creation of a series of works under the general title Optimalism.
Often inspired by the traditional colors of Ukrainian embroidery, Deysun has stitched together a series of works that reflect the duality of life. Red and black – the two most powerful and symbolic of colors, epitomize the eternal conflict and unity of love and death, virtue and sin, happiness and anguish, creation and destruction.

The particularities that define Viktor Deysun’s paintings are his strong expression, emotionality, and notional abstractionism. Each of his works is characterized by iridescent transfusion of bright colors, complex intricacies of points and lines in the patterns, and ornamentally broad strokes.

Viktor Deysun is a member of the National Union of the Artists of Ukraine and a member of the BJ-Art artistic association. Deysun’s art is included in various museum collections, such as Lviv National Museum, Poltava Museum of Local Lore, Krementchuk Museum of Local Lore, and Kamianets-Podilskiy art gallery. His paintings are also kept in the private collections in Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Hungary, Germany, Canada, USA, Israel, France, Great Britain, and China.