Virginie Houdet

Virginie Houdet

Because I was born into Painting,
I believed for a long time that the world was that beautiful.
When I was a baby, a big painting from Jean-Bouchaud 1891-1977,
my grandfather (member of the Institut de France in the Académie des beaux arts),
represented a baby in a cot. I am sure this baby and me spoke together …


I began painting late, discovering playing with colors according to Paul Klee’s method.
Colors are like candies for me, bringing sensuality.
They allow for an expression of feelings, things we can’t say, invisible emotions… 
By contrast, Chinese ink makes me taste black, the radiant black.

When exhibiting the original work, I want people to get a part of me, feeling peace and sharing a sensual and comfortable conversation like in a retreat, not far from real life.