Volodymyr Glukhomanyuk

Volodymyr Glukhomanyuk


Volodymyr Glukhomanyuk - was born in 1964 in Kiev, Ukraine.
Lives and works in Ukraine. An architect-artist by profession. Get education at the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture (1988).
As a certified architect, has practice in Ukraine, collaborating with international architectural companies. Works within his own architectural bureau.
I dreamed of becoming a ship architect, but it happened differently in my life - I became an architect of buildings and structures. And I have reached certain heights in my skill. But the passion and love for ships and boats lives in me and does not let go. So - in my life I create architecture, paint oil paintings, paint everything and everywhere, build models of ships (as a hobby).
As an architect, he practices traditional techniques of drawing, watercolors, oil painting.

Exhibitions 2020-2021:
THE MAGIC OF ART Mytets Art Gallery 2020 May 22-30
ENIGMA COLORS Mytets Art Gallery 2021 May 12-20
PERSONAL EXHIBITION Kolovorot Art Gallery 2021 June 01-19
SHIPS & BOATS Syaivo Municipal Bookstore 2021 June 19-30
PERSONAL EXHIBITION Art gallery of the National Bank of Ukraine 2021 July 19 - August 18
KOD STUPKA Taras Shevchenko National Museum 2021 August 28 – September 10