VernGuard Artistry

VernGuard Artistry

Welcome to my little artistic world! I am Frank V. Foster Jr. My artistic calling came at the early age of 6... My very first piece was a self-portrait on a white plastic plate. I still have that self-portrait.. Becoming an artist was inevitable because both of my parents were talented artists in their own right.

I was born in New Orleans, LA but now I reside in Lafayette, LA.

I love all forms of art and subject matter.. My inspiration comes from everyday life; taking bits and pieces from different art styles to create my own signature styles. I'm still growing as a person and also as an artist. This is why my art is constantly evolving. I've gone from creating traditional art to digital art; merging the two whenever possible.

Don't be afraid to explore beyond your comfort zone.

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Fashion Statement

All Natural No Lye (B & W)

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The Yoga Furnace

Black & White (Ivory) Yoga Furnace

Vern's Tippy Toes

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