Vendetta Visuals

Vendetta Visuals

Hi there! My name is Genevieve, and I am the artist behind Vendetta Visuals. One of my favorite movies of all time is V for Vendetta. Years ago, I got the idea to visually alter the word Vendetta and use it as my Instagram handle. It has become a familiar word that many in my online following have associated with me so it only felt right to keep that and use it with my newfound passion.

I am 27 years old (a proud Libra), and I reside in the great city of Houston, TX where I was also born and raised. I've also lived in Great Lakes, Illinois and Phoenix, Arizona so one could say I've experienced my fair share of different climates in the U.S. Throughout my life I've played the piano, guitar and percussion since I was a young child, and I attended the High School for Performing and Visual Arts for percussion my freshman year of high school. I stopped pursuing music shortly after because my mind was in other places and I no longer wanted to deal with the stress that came with the music industry. Funny enough my dream was to become a professional drummer. I also drew and painted here and there, but I never thought to sell my work because I did it in my spare time and didn't see it getting anywhere. I eventually left that alone for several years because it wasn't my true passion at the time. It wasn't until earlier this year, 2020, that I sat down one night and started sketching these tiny lines in my sketchbook with no idea as to where it was going. Over the course of several days my ideas started changing as I added to it. Next thing I knew I was looking a sketch of a mountain sitting atop a body of water. All of it was comprised of small detail to some extent using nothing but a fine-point Paper Mate marker. I somewhat hesitantly uploaded that piece to my Instagram, and I did not expect the reactions I got. It motivated me to keep drawing and I haven't stopped since!

I do not have an art degree nor have I taken any art-related courses outside of electives in elementary and high school. Although I like to say I specialize in small detail, I look forward to expanding my skillset and venturing out of my comfort zone and discovering new techniques. I firmly believe that we are all students in this lifetime, and I want to continue learning and unlocking my potential.

To say I am humbled and absolutely grateful for the support I receive from others would be an understatement. I am equally as thankful for you taking the time to read my bio and view/purchase my art. I hope my work reaches and connects people all around the world and inspires them to create art of their own!