Paula Vaughan

Paula Vaughan

I am an artist based in Greater London. Like any artist, I produce work that excites me, whether it has a deep hidden meaning or message, or if it really is just for fun.

I've wanted to be an artist since I was a child and have always been pulled towards more vibrant colours reminiscent of pop art, street and abstract art, particularly compositions that make a strong statement.

Prior to completing my foundation degree in art and design at Central Saint Martin's in London, I studied Classical Civilisation during A level s and have been fascinated ever since! I weave my love for Greek and Roman art into my work, albeit in an off-beat way.

I specialize in portraits of famous figures, both in digital form, and fine art. My preferred mediums are ink, pen, acrylic paint and newspapers clippings for collage art. My work is created on canvas or mixed media paper, and it is always on a larger scale.

My digital prints are always limited edition with 10-20 in a collection.

I love music and it has a massive influence on the way I approach a painting/digital piece. It could be a catchy line or intent from a song which influences the colour scheme and composition of an art piece I'm working on...

It you like my style, I am open for commissions. Please contact me via my website or through social media.

True Vogue.

Pumps Collection.

Celebrity mixed media paintings.

Celebrity Pop Art Digital Prints.