I started to draw at age 4 or 5 after looking at an older kid drawing on school paper. At age 12 I started making portraits of animals with pastel chalks. Then at fifteen I started painting with oils and brushes on canvas. As time went by I created many paintings in oil, acrylic and mixed medias.

At age 28 I became blind of the right eye because of a desease and eventually lost almost all of my vision in both eyes. I decided to stop painting. After many operation I recovered 85 % of my sight so I decided to come back to art as a creator and writer.

Please enjoy my creations and thanks for your time.

J'ai commencé à dessiner vers l'age de 4 ou 5 ans en observant un enfant plus vieux qui dessinais sur du papier de classe. Vers douze ans j'ai commencé à dessiner des animaux avec de la pastel sèche. Vers quize ans je commençai la peinture à l'huile.

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