Vasile Luciu Art

Vasile Luciu Art

My name is Vasile Luciu, I am 32 years old, and I come originally from Romania. I have not yet managed to become a professional artist and make painting a full time career but rather a casual hobby, due to having to spend my time and energy on working and traveling abroad.
So far I tried painting with acrylic paint, watercolor and gouache, but I really like acrylic, which is what I used for all my paintings so far. Besides painting and drawing, I also like to meditate, contemplate about the great questions of life, study personal development, take photos of nature, travel to new places and explore the nature surroundings everywhere I go.
I have basic formal education of 10 grades in the town I grew up, and one more year of ESOL English in London, but other than that I've been fully participating in the School of Life and working on improving myself.
I never had any professional training on art and painting, but I taught myself everything I know through practice and a deep passion generated from my inner calling.

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