John Wang Gallery

John Wang Gallery

Artist Statement

You know, compared to a trial lawyer,
the artist's job is a joke, a few brush strokes here
some pencil lines there you call that work?

A good defense lawyer needs a good memory and a love to read,
what does an artist do, he gets high and chases after 'hot air'
and produces things that everybody can see everywhere,
like trees, or whatever.

Ok, the Modem Movement around 1900
brought images to people that had never seen before.

So what is the big deal, the big takeaway,
it is not a 24" pizza or that big house up on the hill.

It is imagination that pays the bill,
that is why it is such a hard sell.

"I don't know anything about Art, but know what I like"

I hope that will be some of my artwork!


Color paper printed and drawings

Ink jet and watercolor prints

Photo essay, the Seasons, Vancouver

Oils, acrylic and latax paints

Floral (oil and watercolor)