Vanessa Marguerite Black

Vanessa Marguerite Black

I love to paint and create. I work in many mediums and many styles, forever learning. One of my favourite surfaces is beautiful paper, there is nothing like the way inks, watercolour etc behave when layered on beautiful artist paper. So my studio is full of small art. When ever an idea hits or I want to try a different colour combination, I work on paper.
Artpal is my little space in the universe to be able to share and offer you a chance to own some of these small works. Hope you enjoy checking it out and if you would like to contact me personally my e-mail is
Keeping in mind all prices are in USA dollars. Small art for small prices
Original art is sold here. One of a kind Art,
With the exception of folder titled “Pagers” , these are beautiful arts created in my large journal, and are available as prints. A fantastic way to share the best of the best.



Aussie Style

Angels are everywhere

Little Faces

Abstract Gallery