Karel Van Camp Modern Paintings

Karel Van Camp Modern Paintings


After a"first life"as an external accountant, I am now making a career as a self-made artist of modern painting.
In the mean time my paintings are travelling around the world(USA/Belgium/Australia/united kingdom..)
My paintings are based on my feelings and are influenced by nature.
I paint sometimes starting with a certain idea but after a while in the painting process it changes completely.
All my paintings are very colorful and painted in acryl and I use mixed media to give structure on my work.Some of my works are made on alluminium blades.
I love to paint with paletknife and sponge and also on a large size of canvas.
Abstract painting is for me the perfect way to express myself because I have no restrictions at all concerning the form colors or dimensions

On simple demand I can make a similar work as the sold/non available works taking into account your favorite colors/dimensions.

Fighting Colors (60x90)

Weeping Poppies (120x90)