The Tribe

The Tribe

She is an advocate of changing the mind-set of stereotypical communities and the negative perceptions of Africans towards their own craft and artwork. Local craft and art is often associated with ancestral worship which is however not factual. Valeria Lemani is a life changing, mind-set transformation and Community awareness guru. She dives into Exposure exhibitions from Art and Craft into Art Marketing diplomacy to Digital marketing and Public relations. She works with the talented artistic marginalized members of the community especially the women and youth. Her ethos is inspiring the world through diversity.

This gallery will be expanding shortly as an initiative to support the marginalized members of our Zimbabwean community especially women and youth by exposing them to international markets.

Valeria has been selling on other online platforms with success but she has also decided to diversify and commit more artwork to Artpal, a site for artists and people who appreciate art. Look out for more beautiful Binga baskets, Tonga Baskets , wall decor coming soon to the collection!

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A lot has changed in her career since the article was penned, she is now a full fledged art and crafts entrepreneur working especially with the women in the Binga community.

Wall art decor