Valentino Mele

Valentino Mele

Former student of a private art high school in Prague "Soukromá Střední Umělecká Škola Designu, s. r. o." (SSUŠD), studying in the painting studio of the artist Jaroslav Klát. Later studying at Charles University, Faculty of Education, the field of art education and pedagogy for bachelor's degree. Currently studying at the same University the field pedagogy of general education subjects for primary and secondary schools and art education for master's degree.

He comes from a famous Italian artistic family the Mastroianni (ex. sculptor Umberto Mastroianni, actor Marcello Mastroianni). He continues with the art tradition of his family.

Mele's artwork does and has always consisted of Italian scenography and inspiration of Italian metaphysical movement (Scuola metafisica) where the motifs of ancient Rome and Greece are frequent. Big lover of the mediterranean antiquity, continuing the tradition of Italian classicism in a new neoclassicist form. He is inspired by many Italian artists such as Giorgio De Chirico, Alberto Savinio, Achille Funi and others from the early 20. century groups, such as Novecento, Scuola Romana and the contemporary movement La Transavanguardia italiana. For Mele's work, colour plays an important role, he uses them as an indicator of how the nature around him makes him feel, he typically leaves some spots colourful and abstract and then he makes other parts more detailed and solid. Its his personal way how to dynamically express himself through instant emotions which rapidly keep changing. He follows the simple painters rule ,,not painting things as they are, but paint them the way they make you feel".
Colours and layers of colour are seen by him as layers of history, as peels or tree rings. His typical component almost in every of his paintings are faces and busts, they represent time and history far more than anything else. The absence of their eyes simply symbolize, that they do not exist anymore or that their life has already faded away.

Mostly using acrylics and oil. Dimensions of the canvases are usually between 30cm - 150cm.

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