Eola's Gallery

Eola's Gallery


The Pandemic resulted in the discovery of a talent I never knew was hiding within me.
An artist Facebook friend mentioned most people presume you must be able to draw in order to paint. He said that was not necessary. I didn't have paint; he said use house paint, it's acrylic. I had house paint. A single paint brush but no paper. Well, lots of deliveries from Amazon, so there was cardboard. My first painting was a woman but I messed up her face. So I made a portrait of her walking away. I tore some pictures of grass fields from a magazine and that became my background. I liked playing with the greenery in the background and I began creating designs using paper which I affixed to cardboard. Thus I begun my collage creations. Every piece is different. A friend said she thinks my art talks to me. I think she's correct. There are many pieces in each work and might be fun to try to figure out the origin of some of the pieces. Try doing that. I am quite prolific and have many more in my collection. I'm in my mid 70's with arthritic fingers but not a hindrance. My neighbors provide me with magazines and Amazon provides the cardboard.

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