Vaidoto art

Vaidoto art

VAIDOTO was born in Vilnius, Lithuania in 1969. Until 2003 he was not involved in any kind of art creation, until one day he got lost in the woods during a bike tour. The night was long, so using a paper and a pencil, he found in the trunk of the bicycle, he created his first piece. The muza which visited him that evening have not went away anymore. Therefore, he continued to seek opportunities for artistic realization and attended various art classes: Loreta Mažeikaitė (art therapy), Dalia Gentvainytės (ceramic), Aistė Kirvelytė (painting), Inga Darguzyte (printmaking).
The actual painting skills he acquired after coming to work and live in Belgium. Here, since 2010 he attends Cedric Vandenbossche painting classes at Academy of Fine arts in Mol.




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