My love for art is one of my main avenues of expression. I am an avid doodler, drawing what I see and imagine. Much of what I draw is taken from The Bible. Hoping to give hope and inspiration as well as being enjoyed as a poster or picture. I am self taught. I draw. I paint. I sculpt. And I sew and make a variety of items. I do love making something from what I have on
hand; and recycling lots of stuff. Sometimes using cardboard, newspapers, etc.
My motto is; "start where you are; use what you've got; do what you can do".
My granddaughter is soon to be 13. She inspires me and is much more talented as an artist than I am. Please look at her pieces also at Sarah 's art.
Thanks and God bless. His words are the ones that really matter. From His word. Our Holy Bible

Sarah's art