Yulia Svirepova

Yulia Svirepova


February 11, 1974 in Berezniki, Perm region.
1995-2000-art-graphic faculty of Nizhny Tagil state pedagogical Institute.
2013 - Union Of Artists Of Russia

Personal exhibition:
2018 - "These summer rains", "Gallery "FIELD", Ekaterinburg.
2017 - "line of sight "Gallery " FIELD", Ekaterinburg.
2011-Exhibition of works - hotel "Moskovskaya Gorka", Ekaterinburg.
2010 - " line of sight. Breathing spot "- gallery" FIELD " Ekaterinburg.
2008 – "the Unknown China", Museum and exhibition center "House Poklevski-Kozell", Ekaterinburg.
2005 - "the Naked story" - Museum of Youth, Ekaterinburg
"Sands" - atrium Palace Hotel, Ekaterinburg.
2004 - "No-in any case Yes" - Museum of Youth, Ekaterinburg.

Collective exhibition:
2018 – IV Kazan international print Biennal "Rider"- national art gallery "hazine", Kazan.
2017 - "Flights in a dream and in reality", Museum of hygiene, Ekaterinburg.
- Traditional spring exhibition of graphics-the house of the architect, Ekaterinburg.
- "Clean graphics", Museum of architecture and design, Ekaterinburg.
- The III-rd open all-Russia Biennale-graphic festival "Ural-Graph", Ekaterinburg
Contest exlibris 2017 RUSE, Rousse, Bulgaria.
2015-Traditional spring graphics exhibition,
The house of cinema, Moscow.
- II-th open all-Russian Biennale -
festival of graphics "Ural-Grafo", Ekaterinburg.
2014 - Second international triennial of graphics
"White inter Nights 2014" St. Petersburg.
- "Childhood-Achilles' heel of humanity "- gallery" FIELD " Ekaterinburg.
- "Red introduction-2", cinema House, Yekaterinburg.
2013 - inter-regional art exhibition -
"Ural XI", Tyumen.
- Traditional spring exhibition of graphics - the house of artists, Ekaterinburg.
2010 - "Our in Paris" - gallery" FIELD " Ekaterinburg.
2008-Traditional spring exhibition of graphics-the artist's House, Ekaterinburg.
- "Welcome ..." - gallery graphics "Helmet", Ekaterinburg.
2007-Traditional spring exhibition of graphics-house of artists, Ekaterinburg.
- Exhibition of young artists, House of artists, Moscow.
- Exhibition gallery collection - gallery graphics "Helmet", Ekaterinburg.
- Art Nastalgia. Journey to Sverdlovsk" - the artist's House, Ekaterinburg.
- Tomsk Triennale of the original drawing-Tomsk regional Museum, Tomsk.
2005 - "Christmas fair" - Sora, Ferentino, Italy.
2004 - "Spanish project" - Museum of youth, Ekaterinburg.
2002 - "cat without a smile and women" - Museum of youth, Ekaterinburg.
2001 – Exhibition of young artists, House of artists, Moscow.
2000-Exhibition of young artists-Museum of fine ARTS, Solikamsk, Perm region.
- "Palette of young III" - Museum of fine ARTS, Ekaterinburg.
- Participation in the illustrations of the book "Red ear" - Publisher "Bonar" G. N. Tagil.
1999-Exhibition dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the birth of Alexander Pushkin-Museum of local Lore, G. N. Tagil.
- Exhibition dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the birth of Alexander Pushkin Sverdlovsk regional library.Belinsky, Ekaterinburg.
- "The magic of art" - the Museum of youth, Ekaterinburg.
- International competition "Ex libris", Gdansk, Poland.