Will Anderson

Will Anderson


Will was born in 1974. In 1992, at the age of 18 he entered Borromeo Seminary in Cleveland Ohio. He studied to be a Roman Catholic priest and was a religious studies and philosophy major. It was here, he picked up his joy of creating. After leaving the seminary in 1995, he worked for a year in a steel mill and for two years with the local phone company. He used objects found on the job to create his first serious works. In 1998, at the age of 24 he joined the US Navy. He is currently a US Navy Physician.


Honors & Awards: Will has most recently won Most Evocative of Show, Deblois Gallery February 2005.

Collections & Exhibits: Will has exhibited his work at numerous galleries, collective exhibitions, art fairs and biennials across many American cities. A selected list of galleries that have shown his recent work, including: Castello Normano, Catania Italy December 2001; the Newport Art Museum August 2004; the Deblois Gallery, Newport Rhode Island January 2005 and the Newport Naval Clinic March 2005. He created two paintings for the Community Collage of Rhode Island Art Auction benefiting the plight of Haitian refugees in December 2004. Having lived in Europe and America, his work can be found in private collections internationally.

An emerging American contemporary artist, Will Anderson is a painter and assembler, emphasizing a unique way of creating line and portraiture through mixed-media. Will is self-trained and constantly looking to develop further, his figurative style. He often uses found objects that add character to the work. He has a narrative for every piece.

I find the idea of meaning between symbols and suggestions. Neither can the artist have the last word, nor be completely removed from the interpretation. What symbols lie intact and what suggestions the viewer takes from the image can only be understood inside the brackets created by the viewer. I invite people to look at a painting and to give a completely different interpretation from the one that I have placed on it. A completely different understanding from my own, invalidates neither mine nor the viewer's.