TuSITALO - Thomas Usitalo

TuSITALO - Thomas Usitalo


I was born in Detroit, Michigan USA in 1954. I have always had an interest in fine arts but I did not get into it until I was in the United States Navy in 1973.
I am an artist that works mostly in oil paint. I have taken some college classes in oil painting and drawing but I think I am mostly self taught (trial and error).

I do various types of art but usually in a semi-realistic style, although the style of the work is what I believe to be my own. Oils are my passion! I have delved into the complexities of Watercolor and graphite sketching. I have an educational background in art history and painting. My main interest is in the history of art and the masters, especially in Italy during the 1400-1500’s, although I have studied modern artists and I am influenced by their work.

The subjects I paint are my interests, and I paint as I see or imagine the scene in my head. That to me is art, not what is on the painting, but the image in my head. The artist's job is to translate the image from vision to reality.

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