Upward Call Art

Upward Call Art


Jesus radically showed up in my life when I was alone and at my worst in 2011. I saw the Holy Spirit, Jesus’s face, gleaming, radiating light and
encircled with rainbows, rainbows like when sunlight hits water's mist. His eyes burned, I have never seen eyes like that. They knew me thoroughly, and imparted full Truth to me, that He was real and King over all. My words cannot do the vision justice. All I know is that it completely changed my DNA, and I could read and understand the Bible after that. I woke up saying the words “Thank you Jesus,” with warmth flowing through and covering my whole body, when the night before I laid down wanting to die, regretting and hating every aspect of my life. It was, for the first time, in a state of true repentance, that I came close to God. From that point on I’ve been unable to stop sharing the Gospel and the Truth about Jesus as King of Kings.

A Day in the Garden

The Details

Rivers in the Desert

Scrolls Opening

Enter the Kingdom