Western Images


Bio: I love the landscape of our West, although I've lived many places, the Southwest is in my heart. Photography is my passion, I've been doing it for 26 years. My background includes AP, Studio, Portraiture and Sports which has had an inspirational and insightful impact into capturing subjects in the right light. I was one of the ones that made it into the digital era! Been working with Photoshop for the past 13 years. I use large format cameras, capturing exposures' at high resolution. I print most of my own work on Canvas (Gallery Wraps and museum Wrap). I work with various types of mixed media, using layers and different filters. My love is Landscape photography because, the light cannot be manipulated or artificially created. I usually have to either wait or run when photographing Landscape (prayer is essential ). Untainted Landscape Photography is becoming more difficult, as our population increases and the need for housing, power lines and all other man made necessities expand. Thus making it more cherished and appreciated when it naturally flows together.

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Images of The West