Undefined Designs

Undefined Designs


Indigo G 


Undefined Designs

Which is the Brain-Child of a self taught Multi-Instrumentalist musician / DJ / Producer and Visionary Artist named, Boe. 
Rolling Han Solo, He Emerges from the Philadelphia / South Jersey Scene.
An area known for it's passion and enthusiasm towards Music and the Arts.

By triggering particular audio frequencies that allow the subconscious to actually feel what the color red sounds like, as well as hearing what the color blue feels like and pairing them up with corresponding, Sacred Images.
This process catalyzes a multi-sensual intoxication from both Sight and Sound, implemented deep within the subconscious.

Therefore giving the the music and the artwork the recipe to inherit a life of its own, with out being bound by or, restricted to breaking down the barriers which separate the various types of Audio Visual categories with his.. unique sound filled with, rare rhythmic vibrations and EyE catching, imagery for us to see, hear and feel.

 When asked who has supplied him with his own artistic inspiration?
He named artist such as, Alex Gray and Donna Moon, have served this purpose. In addition, Art Rock, bands such as, Tool, A Perfect Circle, Beck, Trent Reznor, David Bowie, and the Pink Floyd have provided him with the courage to Dabble in Visual Arts to coincide with his Audio art, platform.

Therefore, allowing him 1 more place to connect with those, who view the world with a certain perspective on life, as well as, being given the opportunity to introduce the unexperienced, into his world.

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