Una St Tropez

Una St Tropez


Una St Tropez Collection "BB Forever" 2014

2014 starts with a new Dialogue for French Artist Una St Tropez whose collections are the result of communication between an artist and her subject. 2013 was dedicated to Rudolf Nureyev and realisation of solemn promise to bring Nureyev back home. Exhibition held at Kremlin in Moscow marked the highlight of the Dialogue.

Una's Collections can depict the whole life or it can turn around the phrase that depicts the essence of the Dialogue between an artist and her subject. Current collection titled "BB Forever" depicts just that. Years ago, Brigitte Bardot signed Una's portrait, part of BB collection, saying " To Una, Angel Guardian of St Tropez". In return Una signs the whole collection dedicated to the French icon confirming that single phrase can define the whole life. "Art is eternal" claims Una aiming to take her subjects and their essence into the eternity.

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BB Forever