Agung (Nano) Prahwono

Agung (Nano) Prahwono

Raised in the Sumatran jungle, Agung (Nano) Prahwono’s artistic talent was first captured in oil on canvas in 2005, when he was just 21 years old.

At the age of 19, with limited education, Nano had journeyed to Bali to find work. Here, a number of chance meetings led to a brief but invaluable introduction to painting. Under the patient, guiding hand of his mentor, Teguh, Nano’s love affair with the palette soon took hold.

Just five years after he had first held a paintbrush, Nano was contracted by a French hotelier to produce a series of fine artworks. In the following years, Nano made numerous trips to France, where he was further inspired by street artists and screevers.

With the earnings from his contract, Nano returned to Sumatra and opened a small, free school, to provide basic education to the local children of his village. Sadly, as an artist, Nano was unable to forge a living in Sumatra and was forced to close the school and return to Bali where he ran his own studio. Just like the street artists of France, he opened it to the public, and welcomed people to watch him paint.

Nano is now represented by Ubuntu Galleries, which was established in 2019 by Australian art philanthropists, with a view to assist emerging artists in developing countries. Ubuntu Galleries is keen to help Nano's family return to their Sumatran home and for Nano to reopen his school for local children.